15 Years With The Big Lebowski (Infographic)

The first time I watched “The Big Lebowski” I was around 17. I was wonderfully confused… though I didn’t tell anyone. My puerile viewing eyes were privy to the story of “The Dude”. A perpetual hippie with a penchant for Creedence Clearwater, bowling and for “White Russian” cocktails. I had little understanding of what a “Nihilist” was… but in the universe of “The Big Lebowski” they were funny as hell.

This week in March marks the 15th anniversary of the release of “The Big Lebowski“. And being that most of the folks here at Wpromote are kind of huge Lebowski nerds… myself included… Tim Pickett as well… and Jon Godinho… Michelle Calderon… Becky Eaton… Michael Block, Michael Stone, Michael Mothner… I could go on. Anyway!

The movie brings out the wonderful unseriousness in even the most serious of us all… because at its heart it’s just a silly movie that makes us smile.

Accordingly, we decided that we didn’t want to let a holiday of such note pass us by without some sort of celebration on our end, so we decided to contribute to “the Dude’s” birthday the best way we know how, with the gift of an Infographic. But then we thought , why stop there?

Via: Wpromote

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