Amanda Seyfried Covers Allure (May 2013)

Amanda Seyfried is featured on the front of the May 2013 issue of Allure. The “Big Love” babe confesses that she longs for her high school days when her sweater was a little bit fuller.

Amanda lamented, “I saw a picture of them a couple of days ago from when I was 19, and my boobs were way bigger. They were a D, and now they’re a small C, because I lost weight.”

“There was something so beautiful about the size of them. When I look back, I’m like, ‘Why did I always give myself such a hard time?’ Nobody gave me sh-t about it except me.'”

Seyfried added, “They do get in the way a lot. Like, I wear a really small, tight sports bra when I go running . . . because they want to smack my chin.”

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