Cheryl Cole Covers Marie Claire UK (May 2012)

British singer Cheryl Cole is the pop princess on the cover page of the women’s magazine Marie Claire UK for the May 2012 issue. Cheryl looked smashing in Dior and Fendi duds for the Tesh shot spread while opening up about her biggest regrets, her serious shoe addiction and her hopes for the future.

Highlights from Miss Cole’s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Marie Claire UK!

On how she sees the next chapter of her life panning out:
“Who. The hell. Knows. In life, in general, you just don’t know. That’s the fun of it.”

On her shoe addiction:
“It’s definitely got worse over the years, my shoe thing. Just worse and worse and worse. I should really seek a little bit of therapy. Me doing my own shoe range is quite cathartic.”

On her life being much more normal than portrayed by the tabloids:
“I’m from such a normal family and background. I’m grateful for that; otherwise it could send you crazy… People have this crazy idea of my life.”

On reactions that her life provokes amazing her:
“I mean, sometimes, when people say things like, ‘Is the fact she’s wearing a pair of jeans sending out a signal?’, that still freaks me out. People psychoanalysing every move you make is weird.”

On if she has any regrets:
“In life? No. Life’s too short to have regrets. Mistakes are life. I don’t live like that. I don’t have that mentality. I think that things are sent to you so you learn and grow. If you regret them, you would never be the person that you are.”


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