Fergie: Husband Josh Duhamel Is a ‘Great Singer’

Fergie shows off her toned tummy on the cover of Self‘s July issue.

Here’s what the 37-year-old singer had to share:

On husband Josh Duhamel: “[He] makes the best lasagna, and I do the dishes. I find it cathartic. On Saturday nights, we like going to mass, then dinner. It feeds our spiritual side, and it’s great to hear Josh sing in church – he’s a great singer. Then we go out and have a really nice wine, like all good Catholics.”

On changing priorities: “I needed to take a break from performing, and from the Peas, to be happy. I craved female time, and time with my husband to feed my soul. My life now is about being balanced. I’m passionate about work and working
out, seeing friends and family, and letting my hair down once in a while.”

On keeping up with the guys: “Working out with Josh inspires me, but he is competitive. And loud! So are the Peas. Men scream and go crazy in the gym. I’m a silent workout partner, but when my adrenaline gets up, I talk trash. I’ll wait, and when Josh does something embarrassing, I’ll throw a jab! I used to yell and curse in the gym, but now I’m looking for a more healthy, positive feeling.”

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