Heidi Klum Covers ELLE (April 2012)

Heidi Klum covers the April 2012 issue of Elle Magazine. The recently divorced “Project Runway” babe looks hot to trot in a silk crepe slipdress from the Calvin Klein Collection paired with a white gold and diamond openwork bracelet from Bulgari and diamond bangles from Tiffany & Co.

Highlights from Miss Ricci’s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to ELLE!

On her early style:
“It was horrible. I wore too much makeup. I’d put on foundation, way too much blush. I had the worst clothes. I didn’t have heels. Where I come from, where would I need to wear heels?”

On the current tabloid frenzy around her break up with Seal:
“I feel like I’m in the eye of the tornado. It’s emotions inside of your body that are a tornado. And then the outside world doing all this craziness—with you wanting it or not wanting it—is another tornado. But as hard as it is, so is life.”

On her reluctance to talk to the press about the split:
“I don’t want to talk positively or negatively about the ups and downs that we had. Every couple goes through things. Unfortunately, we’re in the public, so the highs are out there. But I don’t think it’s necessary—especially for our children—to have the lows being printed in magazines and talked about.”

On when she feels most beautiful:
“To be honest, it’s with my children. In my job, people tell you that all the time: ‘This shoot was great. You look amazing.’ But you never know what they say when you turn away. But the kids don’t edit anything. When they kiss you and tell you they love you and say, ‘Mama, you’re the best’—that’s really the only thing you care about.”

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