Isla Fisher in Easy Living June 2013: My Job Is To Protect My Munchkins

While continuing to promote her upcoming film “The Great Gatsby,” Isla Fisher graced the cover of Easy Living’s June 2013 issue.

On putting family before career:
“I definitely feel my career comes second to my family. After I had my first daughter, I took three years off; I took a year and a half off my second. My mother worked when I was growing up, so I was under the impression I’d find it easy to be a working mom. But I found it very hard to be away from my family, even for short periods of time. Once they are at school, I’ll get back to my creative world – but right now, I put my family first and that’s the most rewarding, fulfilling and exciting way to spend my time.

On keeping her children away from the public eye:
“Motherhood is my favorite topic, but I hate talking about it in interviews. My children didn’t choose to be in the public eye. I feel like if I talk about them, people might be more interested. My job is to protect my munchkins.”

On her body changes since childbirth:
“Back then, I was that annoying person who could honestly say, ‘I can eat anything.’ That changed at 35 and I’m glad, in a way, because it’s not good to have three desserts a day. Obviously aging is an interesting process, for everyone. Particularly when you’ve had kids, there is no denying the fact that you body looks completely different, especially when you take your clothes off.”

On her quick way to add pounds:
“I was breastfeeding, so I had a little flesh of my own, I am proud to admit, but I also gained 10lb, by just following my natural instincts [by eating] cupcakes!”

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