Katrina Bowden Covers Maxim US (February 2012)

American actress Katrina Bowden photographed by Matt Jones for the cover shoot of the men’s magazine Maxim US for the February 2012 issue.

The 23-year-old 30 Rock star wasn’t shy when it came to showing off her figure for the magazine spread while talking with the men’s magazine about topics such as her transition from modeling to acting and meeting Jennifer Aniston on the set of her hit NBC series.

Highlights from Miss Bowden’s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to check out Maxim!

Katrina Bowden Covers Maxim US (February 2012)

On her guilty pleasure:
“I have a lot of cheesy rap songs on my iPod. And Britney Spears.”

On the transition from modeling to acting:
“I auditioned for the part of Cerie when I was about 16, which was a little bit young for the character, so they shot the pilot with a different girl. But when NBC picked it up a year later, I was old enough and they recast it.”

On whether her dress attire at Catholic school was like Britney Spears in “…Baby One More Time”:
“Well, we had the kilts, which a lot of the girls would roll up to make shorter, and the knee-high socks and white blouses. But our outfits were not as cute as Britney’s.

On guest star highlights from her time on “30 Rock”:
“It was really cool to meet Jennifer Aniston. She was so down-to-earth and normal and beautiful in real life. God, we’ve had so many. Oh, Bon Jovi!”

On her secret talent:
“Really good reflexes. Like, I’m good at catching things really fast.”

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