Kim Kardashian Covers Lucky (November 2011)

Kim Kardashian and her sisters are covering Lucky Magazine’s November 2011 issue. Inside the three dish on their show and how despite all their bickering they would do anything for each other.

Kim Kardashian Covers Lucky (November 2011)

Kim Kardashian, 30, remembers that her older sister used to embarrass her. “But Kourtney would embarrass me. She would point to magazine pictures that had captions like Jordache and Gucci, and she’d tell me that was the model’s name. When her friends would come over, I’d go, ‘Isn’t Jordache so pretty?,” Kim says.

However, they admit to have a very tight relationship. “I tortured her,” Kourtney told Lucky. “But at the end of the day, we are obsessed with each other and would do anything for each other.”

Photo: Robert Erdmann/Lucky Magazine

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