Mollie King Covers Cosmopolitan UK (March 2013(

Taking a break from rocking it with The Saturdays, Mollie King graced the cover of Cosmopolitan UK March 2013 issue.

Below are a few highlights from Mollie’s interview. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Cosmopolitan UK!

On the single life:
“I’m enjoying being single and I’m definitely not gagging to be in another relationship. When I go out, I’m not going out to find a man; I’m going to dance the night away with my best friends.”

On enduring heartbreak:
“Everyone says, ‘Give it time, you’ll feel better in the morning.’ But you don’t. You feel like it’s never, ever going to heal – especially during the first few weeks. It isn’t anything less if you do the dumping. For me it’s always been like, ‘Have I done the right thing? Have I made the right decision?’ You start to doubt yourself, because you still miss that person. It’s like a habit that’s been taken away from you, and you feel lost.”

On her expectations in a relationship
“I’ve never had a one-night stand or sex on the first date, and I don’t think I ever would. It’s important for a guy to know and understand me before he can even think about taking things to the next step.”

On wishing for a ‘Happily Ever After” romance:
“I want the fairy tale and I’m not going to settle for anything less… Seeing my parents make me realize that life is not a fairy tale. But I still want mine to be as close to one as I can get… It’s about meeting the perfect guy, falling in love, being genuinely happy – and knowing that, in 40 years’ time, if you were still waking up next to that guy you’d still feel like the luckiest girl alive.”

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