Olivia Munn Covers FHM (January 2012)

Super hot Olivia Munn covers the January 2012 cover of FHM magazine. Check out what the 31-year-old actress/Daily Show correspondent shared with the mag…

You were recently voted as one of the 113 funniest people in America. Would you ever go out with a comedian, or would that just be too much funny for one room to handle? No, I would love it! Stand-up comedians are really smart, brilliant people. To make someone genuinely laugh is a very hard task. If you have that ability, that means that you have empathy, you can feel things in life. And that’s a very attractive quality in somebody. Those guys are smart.

Olivia Munn Covers FHM (January 2012)

What’s the longest you’ve ever played a video game for? I’d say Friday to Monday. You find that when you order enough Thai food in one delivery, you can reheat that s–t over and over.

Ever been gaming for so long in one sitting that you’ve forgotten to wash? I always shower, I always brush my teeth, but I would say I haven’t washed my hair for days. I also put a TV outside on my patio area by the pool, so I can play Foxy Bingo. I like to set my life out so that I’m not completely shut-in.

You’ve recently been filming Magic Mike [upcoming movie directed by Steven Soderbergh and starring Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Joe Manganiello, and Riley Keough]. We’ve heard it’s about male strippers. Will you be joining them on stage at all? No! But it’s fantastic! If there’s a bunch of guys onstage dancing, and I don’t have to dance, I will not be the one who raises up her hand first. I’m not the girl who’s going to be like, “Oh yeah, me! I’ll get up there and get naked too!” No way! I’m not a very shy girl at all, but when I see them dancing, I turn into a giggly Japanese schoolgirl, because it’s quite amazing to see what they do.


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