Welcome to ElFashionist.com – Your daily dose of fashion, style and glam

If you’r into fashion, style and glam you’ll love ElFashionist.com – a new blog dedicated to the latest fashion trends and news from the celebrity worldEl Fashionist will try to deliver fresh fashion, beauty, lifestyle & society news in a fun way.

We will focus mainly on fashion and deliver in-depth interviews with the biggest players from the “style industry”. Editorials from various style based magazines will also be covered, so you can expect covers from Cosmopolitan, Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, GQ, In Style and many more.

Beauty will also be covered on El Fashionist, featuring news about new product from the skin care, fragrance and makeup industry.

Enjoy reading our new blog and feel free to contact us on elfashionist@gmail.com for any questions and remarks.

You can also catch ElFashionist on Twitter and Facebook.

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